1. What is "cookies"?
Cookies are tiny digital files stored on your electronic devices so that when you visit the website, it can recognize your preferences and store them. Cookies are a website's 'memory,' making sure that a website can identify which browser is used and can, therefore, respond in an appropriate manner, tailoring services to you. Cookies will not harm your computer nor any of your files.

2. What is the function of cookies?
Cookies have several purposes. First of all, they will help you with browsing the web by retrieving log-in names, passwords, or language. Secondly, websites also use cookies to recognize the number of visitors a website gets and to learn which parts of a website are most popular. Lastly, there are cookies that can register your visit and can establish your interests. With this data, advertisers and website administrators can assign targeted ads on a website.

3.What happens if I disable cookies?
If you don't accept cookies, you may be unable to access some innovations of the website, which could mean that you experience decreased functionality of our services. If you disable the cookies that remember your preferences, you will need to re-enter your details, such as passwords and log-in names, each time you visit the website.

4.Types of cookies
We classify cookies into the subsequent levels:

Necessary cookies (type 1)
These cookies are completely essential in order for a website to operate properly. Without these cookies, certain services will be unavailable.

Functional cookies (type 2)
These cookies provide us to improve your user experience of the website and offer various functions. This involves, for example, language preferences.

Performance cookies (type 3)
The performance cookies collect information about how you use the website. Performance cookies help us, for example, to classify the most popular parts of our website. By doing so, we can target the content of our website to particular user choices, which allows us to develop the service you get from us. These cookies are not used to identify the person using this particular website. All information collected is kept to collect and compile anonymous statistics.

Third-party cookies (type 4)
These cookies are the cookies of third party applications installed by third parties, such as social networks. They would be used to integrate these social media by adding social plug-ins on the website.